15th February 2011

Some time ago (see below) I have asked for your support getting North Atlantic “out there”. Well, it is HAPPENING :)
...but we still need your help. There are a lot more festival applications coming up and every time we get a “yes!” we need to produce more dvd’s, posters, postcards, screening copy (print or tape), etc...so please do CHIP IN! (orange button leeds to a secure PAYPAL / BANK CARD transaction page) and get invitations for screenings and a limited edition dvd if you contribute with more than 25£.

Thank You!

1st December 2010

Now that we have completed NORTH ATLANTIC, we would like to have it screened in as many festivals as possible. To support our tight festival budget we’ll be raising funds along the next 18 months, starting with a 2000$ goal to be achieved before the end of February 2011.

Just press the CHIPIN button (ORANGE RECTANGLE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BOX) and you’ll be taken to a secure PAYPAL / BANK CARD transaction page in which you can contribute with any amount starting from 1$.
Please do leave your email and address so that we can thank you back with invitations to future screenings. Contributors above 25$ will receive a NORTH ATLANTIC DVD when its released.

Thank you,
Bernardo Nascimento
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a short film by Bernardo Nascimento
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